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About Us


The Howard family has a long history of giving back to the community.

La Creashia Howard, with her husband Lamar Sr., founded the Howards 4 Hope Organization in January 2022 to continue that legacy. The 501c3 was registered in February of that year and has been making a difference in people's lives ever since with the intent of being a beacon of hope for unheard individuals and families within surrounding communities. They have gathered friends and family to amplify this metaphorical beacon of hope while involving the community as well. 

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Howards4Hope established itself in February of 2022 and, only one month later, it organized the Pretty & Poised Experience. This experience was a two-part event that awarded inner-city girls within Los Angeles County the opportunity to shop for their prom dresses, get fitted by a tailor, and select shoes and accessories. On the day of their prom, these young ladies received the full Pretty & Poised treatment, including hair styling and make-up, in addition to being sent off to prom by CEO and staff. The Pretty & Poised Experience began as a Prom Dress Drive and has since evolved into an initiative that provides young ladies with a Cinderella experience.

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Our Team

Passion. Dedication. Expertise.

Our team is genuinely committed to the cause and it is reflected in the quality of their results. They have a wealth of expertise in their field, and are passionate about their work. This combination makes them best fitted to be a part of the Howards 4 Hope team.  We are confident they'll continue to yield great results.

Through us, To us, To You 

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